As a professional speaker who helps women develop the confidence they need to fulfill their dreams, and as a conference host and event producer, I understand how difficult it can be to secure the perfect speaker for your  EVENT.

In addition to hosing my own conferences, workshops and panels, I’ve also been asked to speak for colleges, corporations and non-profits and churches for over 5 years. Whether it’s a small training, an intimate, multi-day women’s retreat, a country church or an arena filled to the brim, every opportunity to share is special, important and get’s my full attention! See my areas of expertise below!!!

Your Favorite Therapist!

I currently hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work and is also licensed by the state of Texas as an LCSW. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in mental health, I am skilled at equipping people with the tools they need to remove dysfunctional patterns and relationships which are hindering their growth. My training in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Processing Therapy, Coping skills, and Relationship Building makes me a pro when it comes to understanding my clients inner-most thoughts feelings and limiting behaviors.

growth in action!

I truly believe in being my first testimonial, this is why I am always open to giving a stretching hand to those who have fallen. Having overcome my own struggles with heartbreak, depression, and low self-worth, I understand better than most what it’s like to rebuild your life after devastation. Teaching others how to overcome difficult life transitions, defining who they want to become and re-establish a healthy sense of self value is what I'm passionate about doing!

boss babe!

In 2019 I celebrated the grand opening of The Exception Venue space!!! I’ve learned so much about what it means to trust yourself in the midst of building a business. Today, I teach other woman with entrepreneur spirits how to open their own businesses or take their business to the next level by fully embracing their natural gifts and broadcasting their talents to the world!


On this podcast we don’t believing in choosing between this or that, but instead we believe we are worthy of it all! Despite being a licensed therapist, I know better than anyone what’s it’s like to struggle with the doubts and fears behind pursuing your success in life, love and your purpose! This podcast is about the journey to uncovering the secrets to becoming unapologetically worthy so that women can have, do and be all things!

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