Listen, I know we’re just meeting but, I’ve been known to be a little nosey. .

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:


  • You would LOVE to look up 6 months from now and see that you’ve finally accomplished the goals you’ve set for your personal life and your career. You imagine yourself getting the promotion, or killing it in your business. You imagine yourself pulling up to your newly decorated chic office, dressed in your sexy boss babe outfit with the heels to match. You imagine yourself as confident, powerful, fully secured in your own sense of value and worth. You imagine that you are making big transformational decisions because you trust your own judgement. You imagine that you are living a life fulfilled in a areas, flourishing in love, abundance in your career and overflowing with compassionate friendships.


  •  You’ve KNOWN for a while that God has an amazing purpose for your life and you desperately want to walk in it. You see yourself making a big impact in the world, doing amazing work that genuinely helps others and makes you feel like, “Yes! This is what I was born to do!!!”


  •  Somehow you’ve become stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and you don’t feel like you’re making the type of progress that you SHOULD be making. It’s starting to stress you out. A lot!
  • You’ve slipped into this weird pattern of feeling unsure and second guessing yourself (where did that even come from???) and now you don’t know what you even want in life anymore. (Which is strange because you were so sure about what you wanted to do just a few years ago. *Sigh*)
  • Many people don’t know this but you really struggle with procrastination. And self-sabotage. And you really want to stop. But you’ve tried everything and you don’t know how.
  • You also know you could stand to be a little disciplined with money, time and (a few more bad habits) but you aren’t sure what more you can do. 
  • Basically, you have this nagging feeling that it’s time to get your ish together! You said you were  going to “take it to the next level” last year but you’re still in the same place this year. (Again, you aren’t sure how that happened…)

Alright. Take a deep breath! Was I right (Come on, tell the truth!) You’re probably like, “OMG, how did she know? She must be spying on me! Does she live in my house???”

No, I don’t live in your house. But Lord have I walked miles in your shoes!!! If you’re going through any of the above, know that I was going through ALL of it just a few short years ago.


3 years ago I sat across from my therapist during one of the hardest times of my life. I remember telling him “It doesn’t make sense. I just got a promotion at work, I’ve lost 30 pounds, my business is finally growing and I’m even having fun dating. But there’s so much more I want for my life . . . and I don’t believe I’ll ever accomplish it. . . . And I don’t know why?”

Self-Doubt Is A Monster And It Comes For Everybody! Including Me And You!

- Self-doubt shows up in your inability to take action on the things that will change your life for the better.

- Self-doubt makes you hesitate when you are presented with a good opportunity.

- Self-doubt makes you sabotage new and loving relationships.
- Self-doubt leads you to silence amazing thoughts and hide your big ideas.

- Self-doubt shows up in how you talk yourself out of going to the next level of your life.

- Self-doubt puts you at a greater risk for being diagnosed with depression & anxiety disorders.

Until you learn how to conquer the parts of you that refuses to acknowledge your brilliance, you will forever struggle to manifest the dreams that you have for your life. I wish I could describe to you how many blessings I forfeited during my season of self-doubt, but I knew enough was enough! I worked in my therapist religiously to re-wire the parts of my brain that struggled to acknowledge my wins and only highlighted my shortcomings. I learned what it truly meant to have an honest relationship with “self” and redefined who I was in an instant. Most importantly, I was given the tools I needed to turn my entire situation around!


Today, I’m completely amazed by the things I have accomplished despite where I started. I own my own coaching business that caters to women like you who are looking to take their personal and professional development to the next level!

I truly believe that everything you need to become the highest best expression of who you are is already present. . . hidden but it is present. I want to see women everywhere transform into the woman who is fierce enough to make mountains bow in her presence; and whose confidence shifts the atmosphere of every room she enters!

You are more than where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. You have more potential waiting to be used. You have more wisdom waiting to be expressed, and you are nothing to be played with! It’s time to get up, get focused, and become the woman you were always purposed to become.

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